Virtual Strongbox – Online Storage For Your Customer

Virtual StrongBox is the “right kind” of service for online banking users and parallels our goal to offer only “best-in-class” service alternatives to our customers. (View press release HERE.)

A Sensible Alternative

As the world transitions to digital-based document storage solutions, growing numbers of banking customers require a viable solution for short and long-term document retention.

Virtual StrongBox answers this need by providing a robust alternative compatible with your online banking system or linked directly to your business website.

A Strong Customer Handshake

Virtual StrongBox enables your customers to bind closely with your institution. Details regarding this service are available in the documents listed at the right of this page. Most importantly, a close-up demonstration of the service will allow you to evaluate its many advantages:

  • “Pay your way” strategy minimizes entry cost while not blocking member growth.
  • Seamless integration with OLB/MOLB, PFM and other wealth management systems.
  • “Responsive Design” ensures compatibility with Mobile and Desktop devices.
  • AES 256-bit encryption and Perfect Forward Security (PFS) active.
  • Enterprise File Exchange allows document share and reduces operational costs.
  • Only the customer has access to the documents in their StrongBox.

Get The Facts!

Call our office, contact your Account Executive, or Contact us to arrange a demonstration. We believe you will be excited to include this in your future operational strategy.