Document Delivery Solutions for Statements

The services we provide evolve according to customer request and industry direction. The following should provide a good idea of many of the services we provide.


Since the 2001 release of our industry-leading E-Statements, we have continued to refine and improve this service. Today, device-compatible viewing capability (responsive design) and campaign specific marketing features ensure this service is most ideal for today’s digital generation.

E-Direct Marketing

The E-Channel marketing option is the result of our track record in creating product-specific workflow solutions for our customers. We have blended data handling and workflow technologies with contemporary e-delivery options to bring you relationship building solutions that we are certain will be rewarding for your institution.

Print/Mail Fulfillment

This core service is an integral part of understanding client data and designing workflow solutions to meet the needs of institutions of every size. You will never worry about compliance, accuracy and timely delivery again.

Direct Marketing

Since 1984, BDI has acted to support customer marketing departments on every request. Today, we are poised to serve almost every campaign type.

Graphic & Press

Quality printing and warehousing of mailable job components are a fundamental part of certain critical production. It is our aim to make sure you never have to worry about quality or timely delivery of any of your printed goods.

Document Archive

Configured to meet import or presentation needs, we can create the PDF content required to meet your institution’s needs … export, presentment or backup … we will work with you.

Virtual StrongBox

Combine the peace of mind of a safe deposit box with the convenience of a digital storage solution and you have a new service you can offer your customers. Not to worry, StrongBox is compatible with any Online Banking platform and painless and cost-effective to install.

Certified USPS Facility

BDI delivers a full array of sort services in support of First Class and Standard Rate mailings to ensure that your mail travels accurately and rapidly to point of delivery.

The following are categories commonly recognized in our industry, presented here to illustrate support capabilities in each. BDI supports a broad range of document and communications products and is available to consult with your organization to configure an optimum delivery solution.

Financial Statements

Since 1984, BDI has built a reputation as an industry leader in this category. With reliable growth and innovation, we are proud to say that we can support your every need when it comes to the timely and accurate delivery of your documents.

Periodic Notices

You can count on us to compose and deliver virtually any communication needed at your institution. Large or small … simple or complex … this service is geared for same-day service via traditional mail or e-delivery channel.

Tax Form Reporting

Outsourced processing, printing and delivery of annual tax reporting documents is a cost-saving solution for every financial institution. As with all our services, we ensure delivery per your specifications for every document your institution may need help with.

Billing / Loan Booklets

Production Workflow / Design

Every scheduled job is supported by a workflow configured to move your job forward with accuracy and quality-controlled confidence. This page explains much about document design and the processes involved on any given statement job.

Statement Job: Actual Case

Review the criteria of a production job that reflects the marketing flexibility available to marketing professionals as well as “content aggregation” features frequently applied in our unique production environment.