Statement Job Overview – Workflow, Marketing and more

We were asked to explain the different parts of a statement job when there was a mix of incoming files, instructions and marketing requirements. The following is a REAL example and illustrates how to tie marketing to a critical delivery document across mail and electronic delivery channels.

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Basic Statement Job Requirements

  • Deliver eStatements and Traditional Mail per enrollment matrix.
  • Return PDF Archive with Indexing for in-house archive import.
  • Apply targeted promotional messages, including one “pre-approval” message.
  • Build a loan “pre-approval” Attachment/Offering and link to qualifying accounts.
  • Insert/link targeted flyer for a geographic area.
  • Imprint envelopes/announce pre-qualified loan approval.
  • Pre-print and publish monthly newsletter.

The Many Options for Statement Generation and Delivery

Primary Input Files:

  • Statement file
  • Credit Card file
  • 3rd Party Rewards file

Marketing Lists (csv format):

  • Auto Loan Pre-Approval file (account number, amount and interest rate)
  • Kids Newsletter file (account number)
  • Checking Account file (account number)
  • Targeted ZIP file

Marketing Artwork (PDF or other format):

  • 3 graphic message images (for top of statement)
  • 1 (PDF) file (for attachment document)
  • 2 graphic files for Newsletter printing
  • 1 graphic image (for targeted envelope press-print)

Related Instructions:

  • Messaging priority (which messages take precedence over others)

Production Documents Generated

  • E-Statements (PDF and HTML) – posted for both Statement and Credit Card accounts
  • Print/Mail (Laser Print) – qualified “mail only” statements
  • Newsletter (PDF for Web) – applied to Online Statements site
  • Newsletter (Press/Mailshop) – inserted to Mail statements
  • Imprinted Envelopes (Press/Mailshop) – printed and applied to qualifying mail pieces
  • Pre-Approval Attachment (PDF for Web) – posted to Online Statements
  • Pre-Approval Attachment (Laser Print) – printed inline with statement(s)
  • New Branch Insert (PDF or HTML) – applied to Online Statement)
  • New Branch Insert (Press) – directed to mailshop
  • Archive Export (PDF) – with indexing to fit client in-house platform