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I wanted to take a moment to comment on the service I have received from your company.

I think we are about 18 months into our relationship with BDI. I have been nothing short of amazed at the level of service I have received. I have mainly worked with … (BDI Team). Everyone on this list (and everyone else I have dealt with) has gone above and beyond on more than one occasion and I have to admit they are far more responsive than I have been to them!

Please extend to them my sincere gratitude for making me look so good!

In my eyes BDI is truly a world class vendor!

Randy Buck
Information Technology Manager
Water and Power Community Credit Union

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No questions, BDI is the only vendor I am 100% sure on! Our statement conversion was my first big conversion project here at the Credit Union, and just so you know, ya’ll kinda ruined it for everyone else. The bar was set really high, and I’ve not found anyone that’s surpassed it yet!

You should be proud. The professionalism and knowledge your company has makes our life very easy!

Julie Riley
Remote Services Analyst
Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union


I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with your conversion manager during our eNotice implementation. This was a learning curve for me, as I am new to my credit union as well as to BDI. He was very willing to explain issues and offer solutions.

Your manager was very thorough in his analysis and kept me on task with the project from testing to going live. I really appreciate his efforts and I am thrilled that we have partnered with such a good business as BDI.


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BDI is on our “short list” of reliable and good vendors. This is a very short list becausegood customer service tends to be rare today. The BDI crew have taken care of us for as long as I can remember and have saved us several times by making last minute repairs or changes to our statements when we had content problems.

They are always open to our ideas and complete our projects in record time. As a service organization ourselves, we recognize good service when we see it. We see it consistently with BDI. (RW)

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BDI has been our statement processor since June 2010. Along with printing and mailing six separate statement jobs, they have helped us introduce custom-design statements, including eStatements, to our customers. Our eStatements include hyper-linked “cancelled check” viewing and the exact features we needed, resulting in e-Branch becoming our fastest growing service product over the next year.

We are pleased that BDI is able to stay on the forefront of technology and help us offer our members the products and services that they need and want. (RM)

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We switched service to BDI because they could deliver a consistent product. Not only has their overall service been excellent but they helped us create an easier-to-read statement and continue to look for ways to support. After 19 years, you could say BDI is a true service partner. (MT)

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Thanks to BDI, we have successfully reduced postage and mailing costs associated with daily notices. Better yet, the BDI-produced notices are more professional in appearance. We actually put off the “notice project” thinking it would be time-consuming and frustrating, instead the process to move all our notices over was easy and fast. BDI staff handled each request with professionalism and provided us with great input. (CC)

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We’re so happy to be back with BDI. The few months that we were ‘compelled’ to be with another agency were horrific. I still have nightmares. Everyone at your firm is always so helpful and knowledgeable – they answer questions I didn’t even know I should ask … that’s customer service! (PW)

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We moved our member statement processing and mailing to BDI because other vendors would process our statements after they completed jobs for “bigger” clients. We have been with BDI since February 2000 and consistently see no slow turnarounds on our work.

Additionally, BDI was progressive enough to provide a re-designed statement format that was exactly what our members wanted and it is great to know that I can always talk to a “real person” whenever I have a question or need something. (LS)

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Since we switched to BDI, our members have consistently received their statements earlier than with other vendors. In addition, the printing services (newsletter, statement inserts, etc.) have been of high quality and delivered in a timely manner. (MA)