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E-Channel Marketing



The E-Channel marketing option is the result of our track record in creating product-specific workflow solutions for our customers. We have blended data handling and workflow technologies with contemporary e-delivery options to bring you relationship building solutions that we are certain will be rewarding for your institution.

eMarketing Across Selected Channels

Whether you wish to approach your customers via e-channels only or would like to thread your campaigns through Statement delivery and traditional mail channels, we can support your individual needs.

Some of the campaigns that we support include:

  • Skip-A-Pay Lending
  • Customer Survey
  • Loan Pre-Approval
  • Ballot Election

eDocuments posted

Save Trees 81,500
trees saved

Save Dollars $157 million
postage savings

Saving green
wherever we can!

Updated: March 2023

  • BDI specializes in outsource solutions for financial transactional documents and client communications including E-Statements, Print Mail, Direct Marketing and Archival Retention.

    Based in Inglewood, Calif., and celebrating 36 years in business, BDI provides multi-channel delivery solutions for a range of vertical markets and document types. The company combines innovative technology solutions with an unwavering commitment to provide a superior customer experience.

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