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As we transition to a new website, you will find news, events, product realeases and more at this page. We apologize in advance for any clutter. It is partly intentional and should help us arrive with a new site before the end of 2019.

BDI doubles down on its commitment to customer experience

Company hires 2 industry veterans to manage end-to-end customer relations

INGLEWOOD, CA (September 17, 2019) — Today at the Symitar Educational Conference here, Business Data Inc. (BDI), a leading provider of multichannel financial statement and document delivery solutions, introduced industry veterans JC Covalesky and Brian Orta as the latest additions to its client relationship team. Covalesky and Orta are seasoned credit union industry veterans, especially in the Symitar space.

“These two are practically household names in the banking and credit union space,” said Todd Holtzman, Vice President of Business Development and Product Planning. “JC and Brian are going to work as a team to ensure a consistent customer experience from the very first contact. A lot of companies can provide statement services, but nobody takes customer service more seriously than we do.”

Covalesky and Orta bring a combined 33 years of experience to BDI. Covalesky’s background is in statement processing, while Orta has worked mostly in financial technology. According to Holtzman, this is a perfect combination of experience and industry insight. “When you combine JC’s 15+ years in statement processing with Brian’s 15+ years in financial technology, you have one unbeatable team,” added Holtzman.

“I know a lot of companies see document processing as a commodity – just another box on a checklist,” said Holtzman. “We’re committed to being the standout support provider in this space. We have the dedicated staff, infrastructure, technology and most importantly, we have the dedication.”

   (News Release at 2019 Symitar Conference)

BDI Takes Next Step In Expanding Onsite Press Capabilities

INGLEWOOD,CA (April 1, 2019) — BDI is proud to announce the addition of a third high-volume full color printer in support of statements and marketing materials. As a financial document solutions provider since 1984, BDI has kept up with mission critical technologies on behalf of its customers and this is one more step in that direction.

Emerging print technologies enable BDI to continue to consolidate full-color support services under one roof and seriously “raise the bar” in the creation of more powerful statement designs with stronger marketing presentation. This latest addition to our ink jet solutions environment allows BDI to print at press-level resolutions and provide our customers with full-color newsletter, insert and other marketing products, including marketing options.

Described by company CEO, Paul Holtzman: "Our decision to move to the new generation of inkjet printing technologies was exact and specific to our goals and those of our customers. We certainly had expectations in mind for the long term. We clearly see stronger performance where it counts. - The results are definitely in and this move has been a win-win for the company as well as our customers."

For more information on BDI print capabilities and the family of services we provide, please contact us.

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  • BDI specializes in outsource solutions for financial transactional documents and client communications including E-Statements, Print Mail, Direct Marketing and Archival Retention.

    Based in Inglewood, Calif., and celebrating 35 years in business, BDI provides multi-channel delivery solutions for a range of vertical markets and document types. The company combines innovative technology solutions with an unwavering commitment to provide superior customer experience.

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