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Security Protocols and Policies

Secure File Transfer


Secure, confident handling of proprietary client data is our first priority. BDI is SOC 2 Type II compliant and stands vigilant in supporting the technology, practices and policies required to ensure that our security and productivity frameworks are efficient, reliable and well-tested.

Specific details are available on qualified request.

Access And Perimeter

Trusted consultants and auditors are under continual contract for review of procedures for
physical, electronic and employee access to confidential data. Data entrusted to BDI remains
safe at all times.

Secure Building

Document processing is performed in work spaces with layered, secure-access at all encroaching doors. Building entrances are pass-key activated for entry by BDI employees only. All other entry is scheduled and escorted. Shipping and receiving areas are isolated and monitored at all times.

Electronic Monitoring

An electronic surveillance system with 32 cameras records activity on a 24 hour basis. Employee movement is monitored via magnetic access cards throughout the facility.

Secure Data Delivery System (SDDS)

BDI developed and supports a proprietary file transfer system that utilizes current encryption standards. This system allows our clients to safely submit and retrieve content for all aspects of the development or production cycle. All sessions are recorded and client-specific access is available for multiple end users.

Background Checks

All employees undergo routine background checks as part of their employment. This includes investigation for criminal activities, gambling, drug violations as well as past employment verification.

Security Clearance

Different levels of security access is assigned to employees on a "need-to-access" basis,
i.e. employees are allowed access to geographic or network areas in order to perform
their required duties.

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Updated: March 2019

  • BDI specializes in the creation and delivery of documents and client communications for Web Channels, Traditional Mail and Archive Storage.

    Our mission is to match solutions to customer need with a keen eye on future technology and service requirements.

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